12 Reasons Businesses Consult with Lucentree for Meditation


    As a business, utilizing your time and resources in the most effective manner is always the right choice—when you find an intelligent and progressive hired gun to support the mental health of your work force, you put a ring on that finger—Lucentree, LLC is the jam in your jelly roll (Lethal Weapon 3, 1992).    

    Brian “BB” Melendez, is a Northern / Southern Paiute – Western Shoshone: Community Leader; American Indian Spirituality Scholar; and Practitioner of Great Basin Indigenous Custom(s) and Culture(s); CEO / Problem Solver of Lucentree, LLC; Creator of Mahkwuhoo (Guided-Meditation); and Host of the Coffee with an Indian, Podcast. 

    BB is a realist, the genuine article: his unconventional techniques, raw humor, and unique style of practical spirituality is beyond reproach.  Here are a few reasons why Industries, Corporations, Governments (Federal, State, Local, and Tribal), and all other Communities, utilize Lucentree…

    12.       Diversity and Inclusion

    People love BB, he’s like the father they never had, the brother they’ve always wanted, etc. Audiences rate his services as one of the most influentially-real dynamic experiences of their lives.  No joke, it’s like the first time you watched Dances with Wolves, he’s that good!  BB shines a different kind of light where ever he goes, bringing a diverse introspection into areas that desperately need some love and attention.  

    11.       Power to the People!

    When BB talks, people listen.  His no nonsense approach to logic and reason is super refreshing.  His philosophy on self-reflection and personal accountability is what separates him from the herd.  He is empowering and constructive.  His communication style is the reason you will pay him over and over again to sit on the ground with your team.

    10.       Practical Support

    From guided meditation to breathing exercises, he does it all.  No ethereal nonsense, no gimmicks.  He engages everyone, and leaves no one behind.  The wellness modalities that Lucentree provides to leading industries are intentional, holistic, and thought provoking.  BB provides technical assistance that means something, you know like “sand the floor” or paint the fence” (RIP Mr. Miyagi).

    9.         Storyteller Extraordinaire

    BB is a master storyteller. His philosophical approach to making critical connections to all people from every walk of life, is what he does.  He’s like Bob Ross, but with stories and life lessons (RIP Bob Ross). If you want to hear about over-coming adversity and eating struggle for breakfast, call BB. 

    8.         A Tribal Perspective

    Indigenous thought pertaining to family, community, and nature is what the world needs more than ever. His perspectives are sharp, real, and true. There’s all kind of cats out there talking the same old soup just reheated; but there is no one out there doing what BB does…no one!

    7.         Mahkwuhoo Guided Meditation

    After seventeen years in the spiritual trenches, BB developed a meditation that comes from the soul. Mahkwuhoo is one of a kind; there is no other meditation like it in the World. If you want to learn how to be intentional and accountable, this is for you. Meditation, in conjunction with singing and drumming, will knock your little socks off. Register now, for to participate in weekly Cyber_Meditation, done in real-time, every Saturday Morning from 8-9:30 am (Pacific Standard Time) on the Zoom, platform.!

    6.         The Most Interesting Man on the Reservation

    BB is the Host and Resident-Indian of the Coffee with an Indian, Podcast. He is genuinely kind and funny and connects with people. BB shares his message with heart and conviction that most are afraid to do. If you want to know about where he comes from, listen today. 

    5.         The Man with a Plan

    Regardless of the size of your event, Lucentree is ready to throw down. BB makes a specific point to engage and listen.  He implements decades of hard-and-useful life experience to coach and foster engagement. BB is bold and honest.  His trainings, meditations, and talks are inspirational and fearless.  P.S. his Kung Fu is strong!

    4.         Inspirational and Tactical

    His overall message is simple, to be a Good Relative. BB uses his experiences to deliver something that is inclusive and palatable. His pragmatic nature is wildly revolutionary. He brings a diverse perspective most have never heard before; and he does it for a reason. 

    3.         Sustainable and Customizable 

    Nothing about what BB does is rehearsed.  He is versatile and ready to work with you and your crew.  His methods are clean and to the point and can be integrated to find a home in your environment.  BB works to make every experience a custom fit for your operations.

    2.         BB’s got the Goods

    He has been described by some of the most prolific minds as, “not the hero we wanted, but the hero we needed”, “an extraordinary dancer”, “savagely good looking”, “highly thought provoking with ninja-like-meditation-reflexes”, “maybe one of the best motivational speakers I’ve seen in a hot minute”, and “he’s what happens if Eywa and Krom had a love child”

    1.         The Mission

    Lucentree’s mission is simple: to walk with spiritual self-determination and freedom (and coffee) before our Ancestors in order to leave this World better than when we found it…

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