Much of working for The People, is actively knowing how to problem solve, and at the same time, manage projects and programs.  Students will learn how to identify the most common logical fallacies (that have impacted you as an individual and your organization) of spirituality.  We will examine trends that stagnate productivity and best practices that increase productivity.

    Students will grasp and formulate the baselines of spiritual-success and baselines of spiritual-failure in their respective operation.  This strategy will help individuals to specialize in an empirical fix for their direct dilemmas and problem areas. We will discuss the importance of strategic growth and the creation of more infrastructure (and sacred space) in order to force change. 

    In the spirit of productivity, there has never been a more pressing time in our collective humanity, where a person has the ability to be so connected to modern advancements and so disconnected from nature at the same time. At some point, our intention to become engaged and active in one arena over the other is what will define our usefulness on this planet. —Brian Melendez


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