In my experience, a spiritualist is only as limited (or creative) as they allow themselves to be.  More often than not, these undefined limitations, are rooted in long-term conditioning that is subconsciously kept alive.  Nonetheless, I believe that all communities have the ability to re-create themselves in whatever image they (individually or collectively) desire. Conscious humanism is the ability to analyze the internal and external mental landscape of our environments, so we, as spiritual communities, can find new roads forward.

    In this course, students will learn how to transition every life experience into a useful (and powerful) tool; a tool that can shape the communities we only dream about. We will discuss the wilderness of the environments of where we currently reside, the imagination of the global-indigenous, and how all of that, transcends toward the common good of humanity. As a group, we will constructively dismantle unreasonable correlations, in order to identify what exceptional knowledge of a particular craft looks like.

    “My job in life is not to unveil life’s mysteries for anyone. Whether or not a person finds magic on their journey is between them and their Ancestors. My job is quite simple—to consciously feed the wolf inside of the person—just enough for them to reclaim their instincts, so they can hunt for their own solutions.  Nature has proven that we are all animals, and none of us, are above that”.  —Brian Melendez


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