How Impactful Is Suffering?


    In life, always be prepared to stop, drop, and roll: For my people, pre-colonial America was a time of hyper-spirituality, great mystery, and serenity (I’m not saying it was easy)—but, this is what tribal oral traditions tell us.  Suffering-spiritually through restraint and submission for elevating self or group was (and still is) the most honorable sacrifice a person can make — it’s not for everyone.  Suffering, in the absence of comfort, is in our blood.

    Think about it. Humans have been engineering the mind and body to adapt to unpleasant circumstances from the very beginning.  Our bodies possess vestigial organs to prove this.  Civilization, on the other hand, has stunted our belief in just how strong the mind and body can be.  This is your moment to stop and assess.  Ask yourself; do you even suffer bro!?

    In my opinion, any great prayer is going to require great payment (fasting, meditating, dancing, etc.).  Collectively, Indigenous people from around the world have always known this to be true.  Check it out, if YOU want something.  YOU need to give something.  Problem + Suffering = Healing.  Be accountable for everything, if the answers to your prayers are not where you’d like them to be—recheck your spiritual arithmetic and then ask yourself; do you even know how to count bro!?

    Brian “BB” Melendez, is a Northern / Southern Paiute – Western Shoshone: Community Leader; American Indian Spirituality Scholar; and Practitioner of Great Basin Indigenous Custom(s) and Culture(s); CEO / Problem Solver of Lucentree, LLC; Creator of Mahkwuhoo (Guided-Meditation); and Host of the Coffee with an Indian, Tribal Podcast. 


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