What Would A Divine Favour Look Like?


    I’ll Pay You Back, I Promise: If I could ask the Creator for just one favor, it would go a little something like this…“I know you’re really busy. But I need a favor, and no it’s not money. I want to know if it would be possible, for you to show up unannounced and punk each Religious Organization and National Government by letting them know exclusively that they are all brothers and sisters and if they don’t start loving each other and protecting the planet—you’ll vaporize them exclusively with a solar flare (or just take away their technology that’s hurting the planet and give everyone amnesia so they don’t remember having separate belief systems).

    If you could do me this one favor, that’d be gangster. Somethings gotta happen to stop all this madness, for real.  I believe it would force people around the world to protect nature and stop being so destructive and cruel to each other. I really feel that all people (especially, those we look towards for direction) need to learn a great lesson in humility.  In my opinion, the most memorable lessons are those taught from inconvenient motivation.  Thank you for your time and consideration, you’re the business!”

    Brian “BB” Melendez, is a Northern / Southern Paiute – Western Shoshone: Community Leader; American Indian Spirituality Scholar; and Practitioner of Great Basin Indigenous Custom(s) and Culture(s); CEO / Problem Solver of Lucentree, LLC; Creator of Mahkwuhoo (Guided-Meditation); and Host of the Coffee with an Indian, Tribal Podcast. 


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