Save the cheerleader, save the world (yeah, it’s kind of like that)!

    I created Spiritual_Human_Theory to help all people of the World…this is a non-conventional survey of all the practical angles of modern spirituality and total community: best practices, tips, and raw perspective.  If you are looking to understand yourself and others, combined these are the training for you.  If you are a wolf, these are the trainings for you.  If you have been damaged by nonsense, these are the trainings for you.  If you are a homeless spiritual refugee, these are the trainings for you.  If you don’t know what the hell you want, these are absolutely the trainings for you…

    I’ve spent years fumbling around in the dark, failing more times that I’ve ever succeeded, but here I am kicking-ass!  What I know, will save you years.  Don’t waste your time winging it, wasting time you won’t get back.  Before you get discouraged, disgruntled, or lose faith, hit me up.  I don’t know what your path is, and frankly, it’s none of my business.  My job, is not to tell you what you are? My job is to help those, who are going to change the world with their actions.  I am here to open the doors, you have to walk through them if you want too!

    If this feels like something you want to learn about, hit me up.  Follow your own intuition, if this feels good, go with it!  Believe me, when I say, that I have designed a course that is so thorough and direct, there is no time for ethereal nonsense or abstract jargon: real talk for real people.  I’m taking that tangible product that changes lives.  No airy shit over here; this shit is for the wolves.

    My beef with modern spirituality; is that it has capitalized the hell out of access and now only the highly affluent can afford to have a “Spiritual Awakening” or get help with their spiritual paths – I am planning to change that shit, real quick.  It’s my belief, that everyone should be able to live their dream and be of service to humanity.  So now you know my intent. It is my goal, to conduct the virtual classroom at a minimum, three times a year…seating (and registration) for Zoom is limited.


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