Use Your Position Wisely.


    Political Stew & Fry Bread: As leaders and seekers of love and light, please use your words and authority responsibly. Politics for the common man, is a blood-sport-fallacy that no one wins without hurting the feelings of another. Remember your role and that it’s to create safely-facilitated space where people came to pray, and not get earfuls of biased and opinionated jargon. If anything, discuss alternative initiatives (people love options) to create a healthier world for all…why waste a great moment!

    Spread goodness, peace, kindness, love, joy, equality, and diversity—politics are none of those things. Don’t get me wrong. I’m all about transparency and saying what needs to be said about the rectification of contaminated water, social inequality, etc. but We the People will only be successful at combating such grand disparities via unity and consideration.  Spirituality is a thinking person’s sport.  We must approach our collective challenges with a more creative mindset.

    We must be a love-based-free-thinking society willing to let go in order to move forward, instead of the usual fear-based collective that grasps at comfort and conditioning — accustomed to all types of blinders. If politics aren’t about spiritual sovereignty and cultivating oneness, what’s the point? Don’t let mass media (often popular opinion) keep us separated or distracted from the truth: that we’re all related and we all need each other.

    Brian “BB” Melendez, is a Northern / Southern Paiute – Western Shoshone: Community Leader; American Indian Spirituality Scholar; and Practitioner of Great Basin Indigenous Custom(s) and Culture(s); CEO / Problem Solver of Lucentree, LLC; Creator of Mahkwuhoo (Guided-Meditation); and Host of the Coffee with an Indian, Tribal Podcast. 


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