Succession planning and phasing out gracefully (applicable to every function of spirituality and community), is always better than being retired on duty, wasting everyone’s time and taking up space. Students will contemplate what they energetically want to be when they grow up and determine if their current station in life, truly is the place where they want to be. Students will learn about the power of personal discipline and how to use their time wisely and successfully, for the betterment of the community, and the legacy they want to leave behind when they become worm food. 

    Don’t be a zombie! Students will be taught to pay attention to the signs and know when to power down and how to find healthy options to do the job well. Not only will we talk about life, struggle, and successes. But we will survey the establishment of healthy boundaries and how to choose your battles you’re your relationships wisely: a super important concept for every community to master. 

    “Tribalism (and spirituality) is more than the shit-show we’ve come to see it as, it can also be a beautiful thing when we allow it to be. Especially, if we can envision the potential future of our immediate communities and our place in the grand story of distant relatives, it’s truly remarkable.  No one lives forever, and knowing when to lead and step aside is integral to the future of our people. 

    Even as I write this statement, my time as a leader is fading away. Right now, culminating all around us, are gangs of young-practical-tribal-geniuses ready to completely re-create our cultures; and I am so excited to support them, by fighting the old guard, who just don’t understand their sitting in someone else’s seat”. —Brian Melendez

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