Knowing when to sit, to stand, and when to walk-or-run-away is an essential strategy for leadership, and not knowing, can break you (and your community) for years to come. In this course, I teach leaders (of all levels) how and when to pick their (internal and external) battles.  For those of us, who’ve been in the spiritual trenches, understand the power of perception, and how it can quickly become a reality (many times faster than fact).  Knowing how to tactically and effectively handle complicated issues (from start-to-finish) as they arise, is what you will learn in this course.

    Whether you’re operating in existing infrastructures (one-man-show) or whether you’re creating a new space (a total community), or trying to define a future culture.  I can teach you how to dismantle nonsense before it can occur: very often it can be our own communities that sabotage our forward progress. As tribes develop further, we must be able to think it, before we can name it, in order to bring our new creations into existence.  I can teach you how to strategize mindfully.

    “I’m the not the spirit-police, period.  What’s yours is yours, what’s mine is mine.  I don’t know what you’ll end up becoming on your path, maybe you’ll just be kind and grateful.  Wouldn’t that be awesome! If you went this entire journey, just to find out that the basis of spirituality; is simply those two things. And that people in power, have been tactically screwing you over since forever, just to keep you, from obtaining that spiritual secret, because they don’t what you to change the world, which they created around you”. —Brian Melendez

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