Designed to prepare spiritual warriors (at any stages of their paths) to mindfully engage (or disengage) in the most volatile energetic-environments with tact and sincerity.  Students will learn practical skills to strengthen mental awareness—in order to successfully deliver their desired message (be it spoken or unspoken) through clear and concise articulation—a skill that can be utilized in all areas of life. 

    There’s really no way around it, as leaders, you will always be under scrutiny, that’s the name of the game. But how to engage and disengage with confidence and authority is a true sport, one that I can teach you. As people of influence today (as it pertains to your community), we are only holding the space for future leaders tomorrow.  We teach people how to treat us, that applies to leadership as well, remember that. Even the most seasoned spiritual leader, will leave this course blown away!

    “Cognizant-engineering of your spatial awareness, in addition to thoroughly cultivating the landscape of equity and diversity of your mind; may prove to be one of the greatest investments you’ve ever made in your personal, professional, and spiritual development”. – Brian Melendez


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