It’s no secret that most grassroots communities severely lack essential resources (qualified staff and funding, being the largest two variables); resources that in many ways, dictate the outcomes of our desired goals and outcomes. In this course, leaders (students) will learn techniques to delegate effectively, and frugally do so, with the least amount of community blow-back. Students will grasp strategies to boost group morale, using practical methods with little-to-no-cost. We will envision, sharpen, and learn how to employ, time management skills, in order to create a new standard of tribal productivity, for the future.

    We will expand on the conceptual idea of teamwork, learning how to get the best possible results, with the least amount of grumbling (even from the most difficult of personalities – yes, there are many of them in spiritual circles everywhere!).  In order to be the best for our function and our circles, it is my belief, that we must first recognize our own individual biases and shortcomings, in order to be just and impartial.  Believe, you’ll thank me later!

    “A tribe that focuses on the functionality of empirical reasoning and decision making—in the spirit of productivity, will ultimately find a unique solution that is not only sustainable for their unique community—will evidently discover several avenues that are undeniably palatable, for even the most unreasonable party”. — Brian Melendez

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