Which Gender Has The Spiritual Skin-In-The-Game?


    Mother Nature? A coincidence, I don’t think so!  I don’t give a damn what anyone says, I’ve witnessed women hold-down sacred space with more devotion and tact and with more strength than all the men in that circle, all the way around. I’ve danced and prayed with some women, that just made all the men look like a bunch of punks every single time, year after year.  I know I’m making a rough generalization, but it seems pretty simple to me; people, who are oppressed, pray more.  Sometimes it seems like the only way to make sense of that particular environment is to derive strength through prayer and discipline.  My premise is that women around the world are still very much the most oppressed of the genders.  Even when they are limited from exceeding their full innate potential in male-dominant structures, they outperform us, men, all the time.

    For the past several generations, we have become so domesticated that we have lost our internal fight for what is necessary and proper, and our mothers and sisters have suffered because of it.  We fix the scenario as men by getting out of the way for those women who are the next chiefs.  That is the purpose I want to have.  Maybe it’s time for women to rally?  Maybe they need to run their own ceremony circles and centers of excellence.  Who knows?  But what I do know, is that testosterone, ego and male emotionless decision-making (i.e. politics, religion, and sex) has caused more devastation to the planet than humanly quantifiable.

    We need great leaders all the way around, both women and men of every color.  I believe that’s the only way we can correct this enormous global disparity regarding the prayer and power inequalities.  It is not enough for the good ole’ boys to make some room at ‘the Man’ table for one or two women—lets talk about how religious systems are inherently inequitable.  I implore you to beware of the equality fruit of the poisonous tree.  Not until our ceremonies and rituals are equal parts men and women, and lead simultaneously by both men and women.  We haven’t reached our collective good.  If you don’t believe me, ask any woman who is all the way awake in that circle…

    Brian “BB” Melendez, is a Northern / Southern Paiute – Western Shoshone: Community Leader; American Indian Spirituality Scholar; and Practitioner of Great Basin Indigenous Custom(s) and Culture(s); CEO / Problem Solver of Lucentree, LLC; Creator of Mahkwuhoo (Guided-Meditation); and Host of the Coffee with an Indian, Tribal Podcast. 


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